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Order NO. D111136
英文名 Anti-FITC sheep polyclonal antibody
相关类别 标签抗体 储存 冷冻(-20℃)
宿主 Sheep 反应种属 FITC
标记物 Unconjugate 克隆类型 sheep polyclonal
抗原 FITC    
编 号 包装 库存 目录价(¥) 您的价格(¥) 数 量
D111136-0100 100 ul 现货


Background: Fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC) is a derivative of fluorescein used in wide-ranging applications including flow cytometry. FITC is the original fluorescein molecule functionalized with an isothiocyanate reactive group (-N=C=S), replacing a hydrogen atom on the bottom ring of the structure. This derivative is reactive towards nucleophiles including amine and sulfhydryl groups on proteins.
Applications: ELISA
Name of antibody: FITC
Immunogen: KLH conjugated FITC
Full name: Fluorescein isothiocyanate
CAS No.: 27072-45-3
ELISA Recommended dilution: 2000-4000
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